Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ready for...

...the quilt along. I went from no jelly rolls to two.


 Hmmmm--now I just need to decide which one I am going to use.  I think I am leaning toward Spring Fever this time, mostly because I have the exact amounts of all the other pieces.  
My machine is all packed up and ready to go to the new house.
Count down to closing--2 days!!!!!!
I've done a bit of work on my Verandah Views, but mostly I have been packing and cleaning.
I did take a bit of a break on Friday and went to Movie Night at Bella's Fabric.  It was a fun crazy night. People brought all kinds of work including their machines. I didn't get much work done--too busy talking, looking at other peoples' work and watching the movie. Secondhand Lions is a very cute movie. It was nice to spend a couple hours away from the pile of boxes. 
Now I must return to the pile of boxes.
Please everyone, do some sewing for me!!
L, A- 



You have a "hard" choice there--but jelly rolls are real pruttdy!!!! but I agree-the spring one would be the one I would pick---only cause it is sooo springy and I just love those nice bright colors--but I will be anxious to see which ever one you pick and do--Hey--i got it--make two and use them both!!!!!
Hugs, Di

Joy McD said...

You are being very good, much "gooder" than me. I will be good soon.. like next week? I hope... :) I think two quilts is a good idea :)