Friday, April 2, 2010


I have internet back. YAY!!!!!!!! We have been in our new home for a month and although we had the installers out the first day we moved in, it has been one obstacle after another that they said they had to deal with.  Turns out the first guy was wrong and the last guy was smart!!! Oh well, we are all set up now and I can get back to seeing what everyone has been up too and finding many, many, many more fun things to sew, quilt and stitch.
I did try before using my phone, but somehow a 2"x3" screen does not do justice to all of your lovely handy work.
I have not had too much time to be creative--unpacking and trying to fit your stuff into a new space is somewhat challenging. The scary part is -- the house is not that small and we only have the stuff that we brought back from Australia. We did finally buy some furniture while we were there, so that explains most of it. BUT next week we are driving down to Florida to get everything we own--a lot of stuff from our travels that we have never unpacked. OH DEAR!!! I see a giant garage sale in the future.
We will also be bringing our sweet puppy dog with us so we will be getting our family back together. Our three kitties are with my mom not too far from us here in Virginia, so we will go bring them home soon after we get back. Then I will be a proper quilter and I can get the kitties to test for softness and all.
I also have another stash down there.  Can't remember how much or what colors, there was a bunch and then the bunch got bigger because my suitcase was way, way, way too heavy. So at least that part will be fun!!
I have not been totally uncreative while I was quiet. I did start the jelly roll quilt-along and I am caught up on that. May not last long because Joy has been helping me catch up on all the boms out there and Di has been tempting with those gorgeous Schnibbles she's doing and I must catch up on our Fruit of the Spirit and there is more over at JJ's as well. Go check out Betty and Billy Bunny in three different sizes to stitch or applique or any combination you can think of. 
So here are my photos of my quilt-along. I have used the Spring Fever collection. Quite fitting for my mood and I don't think these pictures really show how bright it is, but I will try again when I finish the next one.
number 1
number 2
and number 3.
 I also have a question for all of you flower lovers out there. We have this gorgeous bush in our backyard that I have never seen before and I haven't seen one at any of the shops I have been in. So does anyone know what this pretty pink bush is:
 The flowers are very small, about the size of a dime. Much smaller than a peony or a camelia.
It is just as pretty without a name, but it would be nice to know.
Well, I suppose I really need to get busy on all these projects I can see now. I also must take a picture of the Debbie Mumm table topper I have been working. I knew I forgot something. I have finished the top so I will iron it all pretty and get my quilt holder to hold it up for me.
Hope everyone is having a lovely spring or fall day no matter where you are!!
L, A-



Welcome back to blog land!!!!
Love your jelly roll blocks--cute!!
I am not sure but your bush might me an azalea bush????? what ever it is really pretty--so just call it "pretty bush" when you go by it!!!
so the race is on to keep up with me and Joy--good luck!!!!
Hugs, Di

Jacqui said...

Hi Alice, glad to hear you are all settled and connected again. I love the gorgeous bright colours in your latest project. I haven't been shopping for fabric in ages - not since Saudi - so I am green with envy. Fabric is pretty expensive in South Africa, but with hubby heading back any day, I'm looking forward to seeing if I can find fabrics like that in Saudi. Plan B is to buy them online from the States because at least in Saudi I won't have to pay tax to bring them in! I am so inspired by all the things that you and Joy have been making that I am finally feeling the urge to create again! Enjoy, Jacqui