Monday, February 8, 2010

Fear the Green Bag!!!!

Or at least I believe my sweet hubby in starting to anyway. Anytime he sees one of these additions to the household...

he knows there will be a subtraction from the bank account. But they were having a pre-Super Bowl party yesterday and it would be rude not to attend right? And party is a synonym for SALE so it is even more fun.
So I did my part and came out with a full bag. Starting with these...

and then I found these on the super sale rack. They will tucked away for some fall projects.


and is it even possible to leave a fabric store without at least one or two or three or UMMM fat quarters?


I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really should not be buying any fabric at all since I have not gotten very much sewing done lately, but I am getting prepared.  
For what you ask???
In two weeks and one day we take possession of our new house. And that means (drum roll please) I have a sewing room once again. Where I can shut the door and leave my mess and not have to remember where I tucked my ruler or clean off the tiny dining table/homework table/everything else table to get something done.
Yippee!!! Yahoo!!!! 
So I have convinced myself (sort of) to stop stressing about my lack of productivity and work on organizing and planning my all out sewing assault that will happen soon!!
Or at least I can dream right???
Hope you are all getting lots done and I will try to catch up soon!!!
L, A- 


Joy McD said...

Yay! That is not long!! You will have soooo much fun :)



Anonymous said...

I heard you were suppose to be on a fabric diet! I am sooo jealous about your sewing room!


Yes you were Naughty--but a "fun" one---love the fabrics--especially the blue sets!!!! sooo now my friend what you going to make from these have to have fabrics that followed you home?????
hug, Di