Friday, February 12, 2010

Purple Stuff--My Favorite

First of all, I finished Love and of course the words had to be purple.
And then my dear sweet hubby bought me this, which arrived at the door this morning...
Isn't it pretty? Now lucky DS will get my old one to use.  That should make him very happy. And me too, since he can leave mine alone. 
And then came another knock upon my door and these little lovelies arrived.

Such a sweet man I have!!!!!!! He really does spoil me terribly. 
Excuse all the mess behind them; school is still in session for another hour or so.
OK, this next picture is not purple, but I just thought it was nice. Our neighborhood deer don't usually come out in the daytime. They usually don't peak out until just after the sun goes down. They are a cute little family.
Sorry it is sort of small, but I can't seem to find the good camera.
As you can see, all of our snow has gone away, but they are predicting a bit more for tomorrow. 
We shall see.
In the meantime I hope you are all getting lots of sewing done. 
Almost time for the weekend. 
Yay!!! Yippee!!!!
L, A-



I love all the purple things---and I bet that one that says "dell" on it will be alot of fun to play with!!!
I kinda had one of those "out of sorts" kinda days here--but have muddled along---but it is getting real chilly now and I can feel it---hey wanta write my post tonight with the new "purple" thing???
Hugs, Di

Joy McD said...

Wow!! You are one spoiled lady :) Enjoy it :) And have a lovely peaceful, restful, enjoyable weekend!