Thursday, September 24, 2009

Progress Report...

I am plugging along..
I have caught up on my Debbie Mumm Natural Wonders BOM: And I have all of the houses done for Come Over to My House:There are only trees and bushes left so that should be easy right??? Right!!!!

I also got busy organizing my fabric because it was getting out of control. This is not all of it--I ran out of tubs. I seriously have an addiction. I need to do a lot more sewing and a lot less buying, but it is all so pretty!!!!!!

I even took a stab at embroidering my jeans...Now I just have to sew them back together and lose 20 pounds so that I can get into them. A bit of motivation going.

OK-so that was two BOMs caught up. How many to go!!! Not telling!! Too many to count. Almost embarrassing. I will not be bored.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!! A-


Anonymous said...

Great work Alice. I read an article last night that suggested you use two pieces of fabric from your stash with each new project and just buy what you need to compliment these, that way you are using up some of your stash. Sounded like a good idea anyway.
Happy sewing :)


Hi Alice==love your Houses quilt--I am also "sorta" doing that one!!!!! Your colors are great--and I won;t tell either how many boms I am behind with taking Aug off to do just
Christmas--oh well----Hugs, Di

Joy McD said...

And I won't tell how many I am behind on either...aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! Your houses look so nicely co-ordinated.. I'm afraid mine don't :( I'd better get them out and get working... I need to catch up with you!

Jacqui said...

Oh I get horribly jealous when I see all your tubs of fabric out! Not to mention all the sewing you've been doing! With our home on permanent 'show house' readiness alert, I can't make a mess and I can't sew! One of these days....for now I'll just have to be content with sitting at my pc and drawing! Oh well, I guess it gives me time to catch up with stuff like blogging! Hope the packing goes smoothly, and that you are soon settled and sewing again!
Lv Jacqui

Tozz said...

Oh I love your Debbie Mumm blocks. I wish I had done a lighter background now. But we learn from these things. Yours looks so nice :) I am thinking you love BOMs :) I love them too but just dont seem to get to doing them all...oh well like you say...I will never be bored :) heheheh hugs Vicki