Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Marathon Within A Marothon

My how time is flying around here. Joy and I have been very busy, but there is still so much stuff we want to accomplish. On Saturday we did the Mystery Marathon hosted by Helen. We did the online version so we started at 9 am Perth time--two hours later than the real marathon. We continued on Sunday and are almost finished with the top.
We had a great time!
We made a really big mess:

I used quite a few Bandaids:And now it looks like this:And hopefully before the end of the day it will have borders. Determination! We have been doing lots of other things as well. I pulled the borders off Helen's last mystery quilt and put the right ones on. I made a boo boo and didn't like it, so that is fixed and it is pinned ready to quilt.

Before the day is over I also hope to have pictures of all of my Nirvana blocks. I have half of the last one left to finish and then I will take a photo. After that I must get busy and catch up on all of my other BOMs. I dub this Ketchup September!!!!!! Now I am going to take a quick NASCAR break and then get back to the Joy and Alice Sew-a-thon. Happy stitching everybody! A-

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Anonymous said...

Another wonderful quilt Alice. Interesting colors. Another quilt for your son?? Or where will you put it? I am sooooo jealous of you and Joy - wish I could sew and quilt instead of work! However the good news I got today is that I have a job next year :) Yvonne