Thursday, May 4, 2017

All Caught Up!

At least on Christine's Kitchen.
The next part will be harder because I am not the best at applique. Practice, practice, practice!!!
So, these are the latest finishes:

And here is all of it up to this point:

I cut out green blocks for the rainbow quilt challenge and a bunch of pinwheels for Bleeker Street, so I am trying to be organized. It will be a busy few days, so any little bit I can get done will be a win for me.
Time to work on birthday dinner for DS.
He is the big 22 today.
I feel old!!!


Alison said...

This looks absolutely fabulous! What colors are you think of making your flowers?


We did it--we are all caught up on at least one of our bow's (block of the week)!!!
I really do love your color choices--really different in my book--
purple and orange--way to go--
enjoy the moments, di