Sunday, April 30, 2017

Final Finishes for April

Wasn't sure if I would finish with all of the unpicking that has been going on around here, but I did get two more blocks done for the month.
I finished Santa!

And I finished the vase for Christine's Kitchen.
The two tiny corners threatened to do me in, so DH helped me chill and figure it out.

So, caught up on the Christmas sew along and getting closer on the kitchen.
Here it is so far.

Maybe the creamer and sugar bowl will get started tomorrow.
We  shall see.
Will get a pic of all the Christmas blocks together too.
 Hope everyone had a great weekend.


andsewon said...

What a jolly Santa! Pretty kitchen quilt too! Will be lovely hanging on that wall by table!;-)


I like your Santa--the white fabric with the holly print in it gives it great character--
and I do love the vase and yes that top piece on each side was a bit of a challenge and I know I had to redo the one side a couple times--but then I do have a hard time with angles!!!
Just downloaded the last teapot--now to print it off--
enjoy the moments, di

Raewyn said...

That Santa is very cute - and well done, all the blocks look great!

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Well done!!!! I am beginning to think I will never ever be done.... ahem, er,.. never ever START either of those quilts!!! xx