Thursday, May 6, 2010


Now--to put them all together. I have spent the last few days cutting an unknown number of 10 1/2 x 2 1/2 in pieces. Some with my wrist band off, some with my wrist band on. Gee blogging and rotary cutting--what is a poor wrist to do. Well anyway, I have finished the cutting portion and it looks like this:
Now I can give my wrist a break and start sewing it all together. It is a very simple design that I saved from a quilt along hosted by Old Red Barn Co.. At the time I was doing seven other things (well I am now too), but the bright colors that I picked out were just screaming spring project--so I begin.
I have also completed Block 5 of the Jelly Roll BOM.
I am really enjoying this. Using the jelly roll has forced me to use colors that I might normally ignore, such as orange!!! I think it looks nice--so I guess you can teach an old dog something.
And I also forgot to show you my latest purchases. Like I need more! I think I need therapy. But anyway--after many purchases I had earned a $25 gift card and we couldn't have it eating a hole in my pocket, now could we?????
So I also broke out of my purple zone and purchased these little lovelies:
 OK, so I went over my $25 card just a wee little bit....
At least things are settling down here a little bit, so I should be able to get busy using up my stash--ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!
So, back to the pile of pieces.
Hope everyone is being crafty!!!!!!


Joy McD said...

yummy yummy! I like them :) What are you going to make?


Love those "stripes"--can't wait to see where this is going--L, A---
Yep--call me thick headed will you--actually I was 'guessing" it was you!!!! words really can't express my thanks for your thoughts and your love--