Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Where Is This Month Going?

Does anyone know?
I had plans to finish so many things this month, but I am far from there.
Of course in the midst of trying to get organized and back to a normal routine we decided (the good motherly side of me) that my son's room was way too small for him and his 8 billion Lego, video game bits, several thousand books, etc, etc, etc. So I am giving up my nice, giant sewing room to him--so do I win the Mother of the Year Award? Right now Hubby is busy painting the small room all pretty for me and putting up new blinds and stuff, so we are a bit in limbo. Nothing is where it will eventually end up.
Fortunately Hillary Husqvarna is still plugged in upstairs away from all this.
Remember the pile of strips I cut? Well, they are now a giant pile of blocks that need to be pressed.
That is going to take at least the length of a good movie. A good chick flick I think.
And I finally finished the last Jelly Roll block.
Never has such a simple block caused me such annoyance. Everything from sewing things together wrong, cutting pieces too short and of course the non-stop rain so that I couldn't take a really good picture. It looks a bit washed out. I will have to get them all together and take a pic when (if) the sun ever comes back out.
At least my garden is happy! And my giant herb pot is over flowing. And for once I am actually using them and not letting them just look pretty.
On that note I should get busy doing something. 
Cross your fingers that part of it can be sewing or at least ironing the sewing.
Have a happy Wednesday--it's all down hill from here!!



Joy McD said...

Thanks for warning me about the block.... I will have to be extra careful, mind you, I am more scared of the last block...

Your strip blocks look so yummy! And so does the troublesome one :)

The sun is shining here if you want to take some photos.... :)



Love your block--I had trouble with both of last two--but it was probably because I have yet to learn to "read"!!!!
So what chick flick are you going to watch while ironing those blocks????
hugs, Di


Yes!!!!You do win the Mother of the Year Award---Really you could go for Mother of the century !!!!!!Love those colors in the strip blocks.
Little Sister,Barbara.