Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back from packing!!!

Slowly but surely, all of our worldly possessions are getting gathered into one location.  Yippee!!  We even have our dog. All that is left are the kitties and we will get them soon.
Of course now we have to figure out where to put it all. Hubby would love to be able to use the garage one of these days. 
We planned our trip to Florida to collect our belongings so that it would correspond to the awards banquet that hubby was being honored at. Also in Orlando.  Getting all decked out and being waited on was a nice break from packing, lifting and sweating. And I just had to show you all a picture of our menu. Now a menu does not sound very interesting does it--but when was the last time you had a menu carved into a giant block of chocolate??????????????????
 Is that not the coolest thing you have ever seen?
And we each got one--lots and lots of chocolate.
It really has been terribly disorganized around here, but I am trying to get some sewing done. I am at least keeping up with my Jelly Roll blocks.  Four is done:
 and 5 is all cut out and ready to get put together.
I have also been working on turning Joy's border design for the round robin into a small wallhanging. I have accomplished a bit more than this picture shows, but I haven't gotten a new picture yet. Soon!!!! 
Now that I am getting organized (ooh I said a naughty word) I should have no more excuses for not blogging on time or not getting lots of sewing done. 
How bout that both my child and my dog are on antibiotics?? 
OK--that is true, but no excuses right. And no they don't both have the same ailment--just the same bad timing. And please all--cross your fingers that neither hubby nor myself gets DS's strep throat.
On that note--I am sure someone needs a pill.
Until next time.



YES--you are back and with pictures even---way to go!!!! Hey--if everyone is on meds now then you can get it all over with at the same time!!!
Happy stitching tomorrow--I am in and out tomorrow--booooo!!!!
Hugs, Di

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

A chocolate menu? Very cool!

I like the fun fabrics you are using for your quilt along.


So maybe things are starting to slow down????? Love the Menu-- Your 'project's are looking good too..LittleSister.