Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Monday!!!!

Is that some kind of oxymoron or something? Not sure, but (knock on wood) my Monday is going pretty good.  I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Mine was a peaceful, stay at home one.  Good for getting some sewing done. I managed to get three of my November blocks done.  It is scary--only one more month to go. I am going to have a lot of quilts to quilt at the beginning of the year.  Should I start new BOMs next year? Probably shouldn't, but probably will.

Natural Wonders

Harmony Village

Sundrop Critters
And I finished the top of my caroler wallhanging.

I didn't stop there, but those are all the photos for now.  I have started working on catching up on some of my other BOMs and I am trying to decide which Among the Gum Trees designs to start and, and, and... I think I should remove the word start from my vocabulary.  
Oh well, it is all fun--and it if isn't it goes in the UFO pile for awhile.
Have a great week everyone!!!!!


Joy McD said...

Wow! It is all looking good! I don't think I will ever catch up.... really, I might start again in the middle of next year and pretend they are boms for next year instead of this year - whatchya think of that?!

Making advent calenders tonight out of cardstock - will take photos and post them soon.



I love all your blocks again this month--you have such a great eye for color and putting them together--I am jealous!!!
I know what you mean about whether or not to do any new bom's for next year--i have more than enough from this year to last all of next year in getting caught up--but I bet--same as you--we will start another one or two or??????
Hugs, Di