Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bad Me

I was a bad girl in May and did not complete any projects. I am sad about that because I was on a roll. I was not idle though. I have been busily working on two quilts that have to go with me on my visit to the U.S. at the end of the month. That means that I will have at least two completed projects for this month. If I hurry and get them done that is. The first one is created using some of the blocks from the one block a day from Crazy Mom Quilts that I am doing. I have lots left so I will start one for myself when I get back. I will also be catching up on all the BOMs that are going to go undone this month unless I turn into super quilter.
The second one is my own creation. It is the first one I have done without some kind of pattern or instructions. I purchased a bunch of charm packs on ebay which were not anything like what I thought they would be. I wanted bright and they ended up being pastel colors. Not normally my style. But--I found lots of pink scattered through them and thought of my mom. I quite like it after all that--hope she does.
So on that note, I must go put borders on the purple one so that I can put the walking foot on and quilt up a storm. Hopefully I can get one of them done before the weekend it up.
Later, A-

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