Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where did April go?

Wow! It is May, so I guess I had better get busy and update all my April blocks. I still have not finished them all but, I am a lot closer than I was. The month just flew by.

My baby turned 14 on Monday, so I had to take time out for birthday cake making and present buying. And I am now done with the rental inspection cleanup for another 3 months so now maybe I can settle down and get some serious sewing done.

For now let me show what I have finished.
Debbie Mumm Christmas

Nirvana block 4

Calico cutups block 4

Come over to my House block 4

I am busily working on the Harmony village blocks for April. There are 6 altogether. I will post them soon and I must busily work on my Mom's quilt since we will be going for a visit in July. That is hopefully one thing that I will complete for May.

So off I go to my room.

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Joy McD said...

You are doing sooooooooooooo well!!!!