Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Thursday

This week is flying by as usual. It needs to slow down and let me sew. I have accomplished a couple of things this week, though I am still unsure if there will be a finished project for May. We shall cross our fingers and see.

I am doing well on my One a Day Quilt Along. I have been doing it for 3 days and have 3 blocks. This is a very good start for me. Plus I have the fabric all ready to do today's. It is going to be very bright with (hopefully) purple in each one. Now if only all my projects were this easy to accomplish!!

I have also finished my 5th block for both of my Debbie Mumm BOM's: Natural Things and Christmas Wishes. I am going to have way too many things to quilt at the end of the year. Oh well I am keeping my New Year's resolution--I am sewing lots!!

Hope everyone else is too. I must get busy.