Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Hello Purple!!!

My favorite!!
I know I am late. I rarely get to sew on Saturdays and if I do, I don't have time to do a post.
So, my progress so far is:

 Two more mini blocks.

Lots of cutting.

Those piles are going to turn into these guys:

It is the February Squared Away block. It looks better on the table. It was so dreary outside I couldn't get a really good picture. It also doesn't look quite like the original because I boo booed and didn't figure it out until I finished.
It will stay and I suppose I need to do the other 2 the same way.

The kitty block is also cut out, so hopefully I will get some more constructing done before the weekend.
Saturday is a work day, so come on Sunday!!!
And come on sunny day! These clouds need to go away!




Hey--I just downloaded this block today--for tomorrow--
and I do like your 'version' so I may just have to copy yours!!
and I like that cat one-we could do each of the patch blocks for each month
of color--humm??????
enjoy, di

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

I do like that block... I really need to catch up on a lot of things, don't I?! xx

andsewon said...

Like your block! Have more clouds today and wind. Trying to do some catch up sewing today.

Jeanette said...

Love your purple blocks. My favourite colour. Hugs,xx