Thursday, October 12, 2017

Where Have I Been?

We took a trip to visit the fam in Indiana and the weirdest thing happened????
I ended up here

and here

and a few dozen more shops!!
What do you think, a bit excessive???

I think not!!! I probably won't talk hubby into a side trip to Lancaster Co again for a very long time. Well, unless Joy comes to town and then it is going to be grab the bud's and then road trip time!!! 

I will show more pics soon, but if I don't get busy sewing, hubby might send it all back.
That would be tragic!!
Besides, I am so behind on everything.
Hope you are all having a safe and creative day!!



OOOhhh I love that stash--and if one did not already know that 'purple' was your thing--they will after looking at that stash-along with cats ---love it all--I want to come to your house and play and feel that stash too--
and yep--me thinks you need to get back to sewing--like now!!!
enjoy the moments, di

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

You NEEDED all of that stuff I know... I can't wait till I can come and go there with you!!!! xx