Monday, August 7, 2017

Neutral Colors

These fabrics will soon be rainbow challenge blocks. Witt makes everything a challenge, but he is cuddly so I let him be. 

I think my Moostle Toe block falls into the neutral category as well.

I think he is kind of cute now. When I was unpicking parts of him, I was not so sure!!
 My old lady Squeaks is too dark to fall into this category, but she did make it up three whole stairs so that she could keep and eye on my comings and goings.

She is practicing to be a speed bump! She really is brave because I am a klutz!

We are having thunderstorms right now, but nowhere near as bad as they are having in other parts of the country.
I hope you are all safe no matter where you are.


works4me said...

Your moose is great. Kitties are so much fun, and a challenge.


I miss having a kitty to work around!!!
I do finally have some nice browns to do the moose head--
maybe this afternoon--???
do like how yours came out--that was the last block for you right???
enjoy the moments, di

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Witt blends in very nicely, and thankfully Squeaks doesn't - more chance of you seeing her before you trip! The moose is very cute :) xx

Cathy said...

Practicing being a speed bump? THat is hilarious! Cats are so entertaining and quirky. I live your moose. Reindeer. Moose. xo