Tuesday, June 27, 2017


...being confident is not a good thing.
I figured my next Christmas block would go much more smoothly than the ornaments. I had already done the more difficult version before--another boo boo--but not one that had to be redone.
So, I am flowing right along and boom:

Did the diagonal backwards. I cut out all new pieces and redid it the right way!

And then, I finally turned it into a bow.

I also worked on Bleeker Street for awhile.

I may be working on it forever. I do really like it, but I am doing a lot of things that I am out of practice on, so I am going slowly. No over confidence here!!!!

For now--I must go to work. Hopefully I can sneak so ME time in between work hours for the next four days!!??
Hope everyone is having a great week!!



Ahh--the wreath block--I did pick out fabric for it yesterday--
the green for wreath and red for the bow--but a new combo of fabrics keeps 'yellin' at me--
it;s a blue with like a snowflake design and the other one is a fabric with animal heads on
it--(they are small heads--in squares) so they would make a nice bow I think--but then what do I know--and I keep changing my mind on the green print--so therefore it still sits on the ironing board--maybe miss fairy will return and help me make up my mind????
enjoy the moments, di--
Ohhhh--your bow came out really cute--

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

You need me time.. lots of it too... wonder if I will every get time to do any of those boms... hahahaha! xx