Monday, March 13, 2017

Welcome to the Infirmary!!! And some progress!

Nothing like a couple good cases of the You Name, It Hurts Disease!!! 
Hubby got it from work over 2 weeks ago. I on the other hand--the wifey who works at a pharmacy--managed to avoid it until Friday. The coughing on me at work was no match for what was going on around here.
Needless to say I was making soup and washing linens instead of getting much sewing done.
But there is some.
Here is my progress so far on the
Spring on Bleeker Street sew along over at Ivory Spring.
Lots of fun stuff there.

And I have been working on red.
Almost done with one.
It was terrible--my stash was so low on red--I had to do some emergency red shopping.
The mailman brought these to me:

Did we pick any of the same ones Di?
And no, I wasn't a good girl--by stopping after picking out red. I ended up with a couple of purple. That is sort of mandatory isn't it???

 And a few other stash builders hit the cart:

I know,all of my friends--especially those that have seen my stash, are rolling on the floor laughing. Need is not a word I should ever use. 
But maybe between petting my kitty and my fabric, I might start to pull out of this snotty fog that has taken over my body!!!! I can but hope!!!
Hope everyone else is sewing up a storm. Well, if it is snowing on you maybe you should slow down a bit???
 They thought we might get some but it moved south of us.
I know--I'm weird!!


Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Hahahaha! I'm sure you NEED ALL that fabric :) I also caught your bug I think, or picked one up on the plane again, very annoying. Tomorrow I will sew... I hope, but first up in the morning I am off to Nora's to buy fabric. I really need to catch up on Bleeker st.... I think I brought the fabric...??!! xx


I think you are safe and that we didn't get any of the same reds--though a couple look like ones I did have in the cart until I found all the rose prints in the red and pink!!!
I only did the house and the tree on the Bleecher quilt top-so I might be behind on that one!!
enjoy the moments, diane

andsewon said...

Lovely cottage. NEED....?????;-) Love all the new fabrics!