Monday, January 30, 2017

Plodding Along

Feels like I have not gotten very much done this month, but I keep at it.
Still working on black cats and white petals. 
I seem to have a thing for black cats. I pulled this very old BOM out so that I could get some handstitching done on it.

I have a feeling I am missing a couple of these. Actually I am hoping I have misplaced them because I only have 10 and that does not work out well in rows. I have a feeling that I didn't finish them all, so I need to go on another scavenger hunt.
They go well with my other black cats.

I am on the last set of black cats, so hopefully soon I can start on the patchwork ones. Progress!!!
And another "hopefully" is that I will show you something completed with these colors soon.

So, off I go to accomplish more stuff!!!
Hope everyone is having the best day ever!!!!



I love black cats too--on quilts and in real life---
Sunny gave me a pattern when I seen her and it has a black cat on it--
it is a fall one--but I have an idea for a spring/summer one too--
it is cold here today again--
got two sets of mittens cut out this morning for the chmas quilt--
enjoy the moments,di

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Hmmm. now what are you going to do with that fabric? Did you tell me?? If you did I forgot... nothing new, right?! xx