Thursday, January 12, 2017

More Sewing Less Thinking About What I Can't Eat!!!

So the doctor said my Blood Pressure is too high, my cholesterol is too high, my ulcers are acting up and on and on and on...
When you total those three things up you can't eat anything
or it has absolutely no flavor.
I started the day "containing" all things containing sugar and tossing all salty snacks that only I liked.
I can't be mean to the rest of the household, but I am tired of getting another pill every time I go to the doctor.
I have to go back in a month for the BP check, so very little salt and a nice10 pound loss is my goal.
So, I hit the sewing room to avoid the kitchen and got this done.
Not sure if Witt was trying to show off how big he is or how small this block is, but he was being a little too picky with his inspections. 
It is a 6 inch block. I picked one of the many from The Splendid Sampler by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson.
I am starting on the 

at soscrappy. I seem to be having an issue getting the button link in my sidebar. I am sure I am doing something wrong.
I was just happy that the year started with purple.
Might try to get organized and pick my colors out ahead of time. Oooooh! Scary!

I also worked on the second set of black cats and I did some more sorting of UFO's.
I need to work on these because they are presents:

They don't look very exciting now, but hopefully soon I can give a sneak peek. I know sis checks in on my blog once in awhile, so it will be a small peek.
And I need to work on this and that and those and oh dear. I still haven't chosen one to finish for the month and I realize it is already the 12th. Time needs to slow down a bit.
So a wisping I will go!


Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

That block is really cute, so is Witt... but the block is cuter :)Only because it is small and purple... I'm with you with the doc's orders.... let's sew instead of eat xx

The Joyful Quilter said...

Welcome to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!! You've chosen a really cool block to work on. LOVE it!!


Oh dear--it looks like some is not being nice in this section of comments--I do believe you can go in and delete that one--
I am also doing the scrap color challenge and have been on the hunt for this years design--or whatever I am going to do--did find a nice cute bird block that I am thinking on and then will also do a couple blocks each month of like strings or 9 patches to go with the birds--no paper piecing this time--
love your purple block--and Whitt is a great inspector--so give him a hug and a treat--or do you have him on a diet toooo!!!!
I wished there was a magic answer to high blood pressure--I could use it too--
for the high chorestral eat lots of oatmeal--
Enjoy the moment-di

Betty C said...

Your block looks very nice. Are you going to make that block in each color?