Saturday, February 1, 2014

Wednesday is Snow Day!!

We have had two in a row!
It is kind of fun to watch and it is all very pretty

and the boy and his dog had a good time.
Once they could get out the back door.

Two weeks in a row sewing day that Lola and I planned got snowed out.
I did use my time wisely and spent a lot of time working on my One Christmas Present a Month.
Murphy helped me finish it up yesterday with 5 hours to spare.
He slept under what I was doing instead of on it--isn't that helpful.
Now silly me forgot to take a final finished photo so I will so it off tomorrow.
Just don't show Mom!!!!


andsewon said...

Glad the 'kids' had a good time!! Bet the 2 legged one was freezzzzn when he came back in though! hahaha!Poor Murph the desert cat needs warmth. Not meant to be in the frozen north!! Promise will not show Mom... hahaha!


I think that Murphy did a great job--of keeping you warm will you stitched--once in a while 'cats' can be helpful!!!
love, the snow pictures, di and miss gracie

Joy McD said...

I sooooooo wish I was there!!!!!!! xxxxx

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

I love seeing fresh white snow. It makes everything so sparkly and pretty. Until it melts.

Murphy is such a good helper!