Friday, August 16, 2013

It Takes a Long Time to Raise a Village

Anybody remember this BOM from 2009 (I think)?
Many, many moon's ago in a land far far away (we lived in Australia then),
I started this one and many more.
It has lots of parts, and now I am finding out that the construction of these many parts takes just as much concentration as making the blocks to begin with.
I am trying to only work on it when I can give it my full attention.
I love that star block--keep thinking that somewhere down the line I should make a quilt using them.
Keep thinking Alice! Maybe after I finish the other dozen or so UFOs that I started that year.
Joy and I were very energetic back then, we must have started at least 8 or 10 BOMs and actually kept up with them.
One good thing--I can actually see how much better my sewing skills are getting.
I am having to do some pulling, tugging, redoing and unpicking to make it fit.
Not to say I don't still do those things, but when I do it is usually a brain rot moment.
The arm is feeling good some days and bad others, so I overdo on the good days as usual.
Trying to put this place back in order. Always one more thing that needs doing.
And for Marti and Fiona waiting for me to mail their prizes--these went into the mail yesterday...
Concrats and enjoy!
Hope you are all having a great Friday and have lots of fun stuff planned for the weekend.


andsewon said...

Lovey purple village! You are an excellent sewing gal! Much better than me and others I know..;-) My lil bundle of energy you take care so you do not do more damage! We have stuff to do places to go !!!


Hey--I even remember that one--not sure if I did a block or two or not??? and I still have a couple ufo's from that year -- I think!!!??
LOve the purples in there!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie

Joy McD said...

And if only I could find my blocks then I could be sewing along with you.... yours look GREAT! Thanks for wrapping and posting the books! xxx

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

Isn't it fun to pull out projects from years past and see how we and our skills have changed? This will make a beautiful quilt!

Josie said...

You once kept up with 8/10 BOM's!! I'm so impressed. Love those blocks.. the finished quilt is going to be gorgeous.

Fiona said...

Hi Alice, my book arrived this morning.. thanks so much... some great ideas to try and use up scraps in there...and so fun to be signed by the author... thanks so much....

... andI love your houses quilt....