Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back Among the Moving

My arm that is. Not sure what I did to it, but for the last week I could not lift my left arm without cringing. Stress and TKD and too much texting.
Who knows, but I am moving it slowly and I have gotten a bit of stuff done.
I finished the top for the Wiggly Whimsy SAL at Terry's Treasures.
WOO HOO!!!!!

Slightly far away I know. Here is a shot of it hanging over the ironing board.
Not a great shot either--too much cloudy weather around here lately. When I get it quilted I guarantee the sun will shine, so it will be better.
When I was outside trying to get a good shot, I happened to spot my happy banana pepper plant.
Guess what--it wasn't looking so happy!!

There were 6 of these naughty caterpillars chowing down. They not only ate the leaves, but they scarfed down the peppers as well. Hungry Hungry Caterpillars!!!
Not a happy girl. We popped them in our grow a butterfly cage.
We shall see what they turn into--that is if they ever stop eating long enough.
Now fingers crossed that my poor plant comes back to life because I was using them in everything. Yummy!!
I am working on a few other projects too, so I will show more later.
Golden Oldies have come out of the closet and a couple of piles of fabric have been selected for new projects. That balances out right????
Hope everyone is having a day full of sewing!!!



Terry said...

Your wiggly whimsy looks wonderful! And we've had those caterpillars devour a tomato plant before, right down to the stems. I can't wait to see what yours turn into! :0)

Joy McD said...

Looking good!!!! And naughty caterpillar... ! xxx

andsewon said...

Wiggles would love your Wiggly Whimsy I bet!;-)Can't wait to see your new projects to work on..old and new that is!


Love the wiggles quilt--I will get mine finished some time!!!!
hey at least you found the caterpillars before they 'ate' the whole thing!!!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie

Paula, the quilter said...

Those are tomato hornworms. Ugh. They turn into really nondescript moths. ♥ the wiggly whimsy.