Thursday, July 11, 2013

WISP-ing Along On Many Things

I have finished sewing all of my Wiggly Whimsy strips for Terry's SAL.
and I started on 100-patch block number 2. Took a break when Murphy sent them flying across the table.
Working on these blocks started another burst of organizing in the form of sorting.
I am busy turning piles that look like this,
into lots of little piles that look like these:
That started me taking the larger scraps and sorting them into colors.
And then stuffing them into shoe box sized containers. I need bigger boxes!!
Oh, I forgot--there was more cake!!!!!!!!! This one was made by my sweet hubby!
And like all the others the eating of the cake was not considered WISPY at all, but I am extremely caked out for now. No birthdays coming up soon, so that is a good thing.
Hope everyone is staying cool and getting lots of sewing done.



Oh I love that purple cake--how sweet!!!!
I also really love your wiggle strips and the 100 patch thing--but then that lead to all the organization--and that does not sound like much fun--so I am glad that mine is already organized--
now to just get in there and sew!!!
maybe some of that purple cake would help!!!!!! :-)
love, di and miss gracie

andsewon said...

Looking good! Maybe GO! needs to pay a visit soon! I still need the skinny storage bins to be done with my latest fabric and scrap redo! Cute cake! I need to stay away from food period, all kinds!

Terry said...

Your wiggly whimsy blocks look great! They're going to look even better once they're all sewn together! And you're brave to do 100 patch blocks. I'm doing 36 patch blocks now and they're more than big enough for me!

Joy McD said...

Cool cake!!! Love your wiggles, and 100 patch... and Murphy even though he was naughty :) You're getting there with your Organizing! xxx

Beatrice said...

great work on the wiggly whimsy! Don't forget the background strips between the rows (this step is not pictured in the tutorial but the instructions are there).
Must go back to mine ...