Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Progress Report

Anyone hot????
Ugh! Moving in slow motion, but I am moving.
My sewing room is at least 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the house, so I am running in and out. Not fair!!
Anyway, I have managed to finish 100-patch block number 2.
My little kitty is tucked in a corner.
Or should I say, my little big cat.
I have also located my half square triangles that I need to create a border for my Pineapple Blossom quilt. So, I have started turning these piles
into these.
I have a lot more to go!
My plan is to start getting some of my bits and pieces all put together.
Some finishes would be nice. That would make me feel much more productive.
Speaking of--my garden is being pretty productive.
Guess what we have been having for dinner????
Now, you would think I would lose a couple of pounds?????
Need to be a lot more productive in that department as well.
So, off I go to get something done.
Stay cool everyone!!!!!


Joy McD said...

Very cool! Your blocks and veggies, not you... :) Love the kitty! xxx

andsewon said...

You are busy! Don't remind me about pineapple blossoms! Yummy veggies! I seem to be gaining instead of losing...not eating as much junk either! Heat bloat...yeah that is it!! Hahaha!


Oh my what pretty blocks and I see me some purple in both of them!!!!!
I will be there for supper--love veggie suppers!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie

Deanna said...

Enjoy your 100-patch. I would love to see it when you finish.