Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saved From Humiliation!!!

Quick Update!
I do have finishes for January!!
With all the running around and life in general I was starting to wonder.
I dug through my UFO pile and found these little lovelies that needed finishing and they saved me from failure in month one of the OPAM challenge.

I finished the last 4 and added them to the chicken coop.

Joy has a tutorial for these little cuties over on her blog.
And yes, that is a giant kitty back behind the basket.
I am going to go try to finish one more thing, so I am off.
Happy Sewing everyone!!!



Oh Alice--I just love those chicks--and I would have a hard time picking out which one I wanted--so you will have to send me all four!!!
Hugs, Di

andsewon said...

Yaayyyyy you! Came in right close to the wire 'eh!

tillymint said...

I just popped in from the OPAM list. I love your cookbook chooks, they look so cosy in their little wicker basket! I am definitely going to make a few of these, thanks so much for the tutorial link :)