Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New -Habits- Year!!!!

I hope everyone has had a great holiday season.
It seems like such a long time ago already.
Is everyone stuck into their resolutions, going full bore into something new and exciting????

I am moving slowly, but moving.
As those of you who read Joy's blog already know that my word for the year is ORGANIZE.
A word that in years past has been spoken but forgotten in the chaos that is usually me.
Here are two embarrassing pictures:
the before
and after several hours of shuffling
Really I did get stuff put away, found a few things that I was looking for and tossed out stuff and added to the Goodwill pile and it is still awful.

So I will be continuing for quite awhile.
It is the year of Organization, not first 5 minutes, so I must hold out for hope.
I am planning on joining Di's Christmas Club so that I will not be insane at the end of the year.
I obviously have lots and lots of fabric and patterns and and and...
Don't need to buy anything for a very long time.
Remind that I said that!!!!!
So, I hope you will all encourage me from time to time.
I am off to pick a corner to work in.
Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!



Well done my friend!!!
so glad you are back to blogging--love to see your photos of what you are working on--even if it is just 'organizing' those things!!!
Be good--keep going!!
Hugs, Miss Gracie!!!!!!

Joy said...

Yay! You posted!!!xxx

andsewon said...

WoW! You posted and you are right at the organize stuff too! When you finish yours( as I know you will) come do mine!!!