Monday, June 21, 2010

Short Attention Span

I have been a really good girl, working on all of my challenge projects--BUT--sometimes you just have to start something new. I really did just reach into my "to do" pile and pull out a project. I pulled out a pinwheel sampler that Rachel from p.s. i quilt did as a quilt-along awhile ago. Then I grabbed a pile of fat quarters and ta da...
Block 1
and Block 2
Very natural--not my normal colors, but I guess it goes with the rest of my short attention span. Then of course I went back to work on this for awhile...
which is very bright. A little more rearranging and I will start sewing it all together.
I also said that I would show you why Joy and Di should be getting commission checks from Charm Cotton Quilts. They told me all about their good deals and they got me in trouble. I got these...
and then I got this...
so then I had to go back to CCQ because I didn't get enough charm packs to do them. So then, I added these... now I have to start something else!!!!! Good thing I am finishing all of those Christmas mini's or I would have a serious problem. Shhhh!!! I know I probably already do, but for now we will just blame it on the heat!
Sadly there is more, but I forgot to take a photo of the rest. Or maybe that is a good thing--we wouldn't want anyone to think I am totally insane now would we. 
For now I must go sew!!!!


Joy McD said...

It really is Di's fault... not mine... I didn't do it.. really... hee heee...just put my THIRD order in!!!
August here we come!!!!


Oh dear--if Joy just put her 3rd order in and you just did a 2nd one then I am way behind---I only did one order this month---so now whose "fault" is it we are all broke????
Love how your quilts are coming out--keep up the good work!!!
hugs, Di


I like the two blocks and the large quilt is bright. Big Sister is good at "selling" fabric and patterns.She has "sold" me alot.I wasn't into sewing but I do enjoy it now. Smiles,Little Sister.