Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bye Bye July!!

Sewing has been a challenge this month with all the extra time at work, but I did not do too badly.
Took a quick picture of all my finishes.
Quick, because nothing wanted to stay on the wall.

I forgot to put all of the pinwheels up there that I did for my Bleeker Street quilt, but hopefully soon I can get a picture of all of my progress to date.

These are my most recent finishes:

One more after this one--the mistletoe moose and then I can put it all together. Woo Hoo!!

And a gray kitty!!

 Two more for the first quilt and then I can start putting it all together. I was going to do both at the same time, but I decided to do one to make sure I liked the locations of all of the left and right facing kitties before I did the second one.
These are definitely an ongoing project!!

There will be another project starting soon.
As soon as I sort through ridiculous amounts of Christmas fabric. Too many choices.
Because the fact that I have 88 UFO's that I have been ignoring, is no big deal right?????
Stay cool everyone!!




Great blocks--I see you 'rushed' ahead of the rest of us to get the Christmas lights one done--I do think I will do that block too--and I will probably do the moose--but may need to go shopping for some more brown fabric first--had a hard time coming up with browns for the reindeer as it was--!!!! Love those cats--you keep showing those and I may have to make me some--Anne would love a quilt with those on it--where did you get the pattern????
enjoy the moments, di

andsewon said...

You did good despite the busy work schedule! You will have some wonderful tops soon!