Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Last Thoughts of Indy

Vacation already seems like ancient history.
Never long enough!
Here are a couple more of the quilt gardens that we saw on the Heritage Trail.
These are also history now as I think they were only up through Oct 5th.
There were also lots of murals scattered about.
Even the coffee shop has a 9-patch on their sign.
Now for the rest of the purchases. This was one of the fun places I shopped.
I can't remember what I bought here; that is really sad, but here are all of my goodies.



That food one is for a new point of view. Hubby was born in the Midwest so thought I might find something in there that would make him say Mmmmmmmm!
Like the one on the cover. OMG!
So, I have been reminded so many times lately how soon Christmas will be here so I had better stop fighting with these photos and go use some of the things that I bought.
Sew, Sew, Sew!!!!
It is windy and rainy out there--I think it is the perfect sewing weather as long as the power stays on.
Happy Wednesday everybody!!


andsewon said...

Least ya had fun while there but no those fun days are never long enough! Wonderful goodies! Call me when that cake is ready!!!!!!!! Yes a good day to be in sewing room. I am too as D cleans carpet!;-)

Joy McD said...

So so nice! Let me know which project we are starting on next :) xxx


I will take that gooey cake for my gift!!!! nice fabric purchases you made--think I need to go fabric shopping--just don't know why????
hugs, di and miss gracie

Narelle said...

Yum, yum and triple yum!!!
Lovely purchases and that cake looks devine :o)