Sunday, September 8, 2013

Strange Sightings in the Neighborhood

Spotted across the street from our house:
He usually hangs out near the little farmer's market not far from here.
He even has his own trailer. Not sure, but he maybe a Travelosaurus.
After that I sent the boy out to get some squash from the garden.
He came back empty handed because of these:

I still haven't gotten my squash, but the guys brought fish and chips home for dinner (nice of them) so I can worry about spiders tomorrow.
A not so strange sight--new fabric.
All the fall and Halloween fabrics were on sale so a bunch came home with me.

And then these just made me happy. I think some of them were on sale.
And I could not pass up white on white end of bolt deal could I????
Now, for once there has been some real live sewing going on, but I don't like my pictures very much so I am going to take new ones.
They will be coming soon.
Hopefully there will be at least one trick or treat bag photo soon too.
Need to make one for my goddaughter and I want to make it big enough that she can use it for a book bag for the season.
I need to hurry up on that one.
So, I must sew.
Hope everyone else is getting lots done.


Joy McD said...

you posted this three hours ago which means you were up very late!!!!! pity I wasn't up really early.... Nice dinosaur, not nice spider, nice fabrics :) xxx

andsewon said...

Soooooooo you were off shopping!! Lovely and fun fabrics to play with!
Worked on Bluebird this weekend! Almost there!
Garden spider will not hurt you, we have them get real big some times. Web is real sticky though!
Some Dino there...invasion!!!
You need one too for back yard!;-)
We have another big bear living out here!!!Warden is saying maybe up to three!!!!


I don't blame the boy for not going near the spiders--I wouldn't either!!!! love the first pile of fall/halloween fabrics--I don't mind the holiday as much as I used to, since they darkened the colors to dark purple and bright orange and lime green!!!!! have fun sewing with them
hugs, di and miss gracie