Monday, May 6, 2013

Skipping Down Memory Lane

My baby boy turned 18 on Saturday and I was sorting through a million pictures trying to find a few of my favorites.
Well, of course some of them are hiding, but I found some.
In no particular order as you can see.
 Party with the family at Dave and Buster's
 I think my absolute favorite photo ever!
 Halloween in Riyadh
 Hunting eggs with the buds in Australia. Can't find the one bud picture that I really really want to find.
 Oh wait--this might be my favorite
 Making gingerbread men in Australia
 Hanging out at Alnwyck Caste (aka Hogwarts)
 Breaking boards for the children's hospital charity
 Somewhere in Puckapunyal, Australia
 Bet you can figure this one out
Yes, he was short, but it is also the biggest vehicle we have ever driven.

Hanging with Dad--yep the toys only get more expensive as they grow older
Love my silly boy!!


Joy McD said...

Awwwwwww!!!! Love that kid & miss him... he looks so cute next to the car at Eid!!!

andsewon said...

Sweet pics! G-man is still a cutie!! Lov that fella!18...noooooo!


Oh--love that kid too--
and thanks for sharing some photos--
but you of showed how tall he really is now!!!!!
love, di and miss gracie