Friday, March 1, 2013

Finished On Time

Just posting late!!!
Better than the other way around I suppose.
One of these days I will get it all together--really!!!
At least that is my goal.
So here is my wool creation for Di's 2013 Challenge:
I had not done any wool projects before so I was a little paranoid, but I am happy with the result and will probably do more when I am caught up with everything else.
Sometime in year 2023 I believe that may be.
It always seems that when I need to do one thing, everything else happens.
All things that I want or need to do, and so it was the way trying to finish this.
In the midst of dental appointments to fix a broken tooth, and our first adoption event of the year for the Humane Society, there appeared the 2013 Mid Atlantic Quilt Show!
I went with these two partners in crime:
Lola and Diana
Mostly I will send you to Lola's blog because the battery died on my camera very quickly and we seemed to be amazed by many of the same quilts.
She has the big version of this:
I am not sure why this thing rotated itself, but I cannot seem to fix it.
Anyway you can still see the amazing quilting that is done on it.
In my dreams, I will one day be able to do this.
This one has inspired me:

To make a quilt from all of the findings that show up in my son's pockets on laundry day.
I usually keep a little tub on the dryer to collect them in, so now I think I really have to find a way to use them.
And on that note I really need to get busy because I am sure more things will come up at the end of the month to try to keep me from reaching my goals.
So, I will leave you with on more of my favorites and try to be back much sooner than normal.


andsewon said...

Love your punkins!!!Can't wait to see in person!OMG look so sloppy in that pic! hahaha! Think we did enjoy ourselves though!Today is March 1 loads to be done!!!

Terry said...

What beautiful quilts! I love your pumpkins! :0)


Isn't it fun to do something you have never done before!!! you really did a great job on the pumpkins--even it if is in orange!!!!lol
that fish quilt is something else, hu????
hugs, di and miss gracie