Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Fell Off the Wagon

I believe I said I was not going to start anything new before I finished the quilt I was working on. I know, BUT Joy showed me this very fun sew along at Terry's Treasures and I decided I needed to play too.
I am addicted to scraps lately, so it called my name, none too softly.
And I have already finished my two for this month and can get right back to what I need to do.
So, this is what I have done so far:


I will control myself and only do two.
They are pretty addicting.
I also had more goodies from the mailman today.
Di sent me a sweet box full of birthday presents.
And I have to say getting late presents is pretty fun because it spreads the joy.
So, a quick peek, because this thing is taking forever to download tonight.
This was inside the box:

Bad angle, but it is a really cool box that has all kinds of goodies inside.
I am already trying to decide what sewing item is going to find a home in here.
Hmmmmmm????? Maybe zippers--that will make sense later.
I will show you all the goodies inside in my next post.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend, no matter what you are up to.



andsewon said...

pretty stars! How lovely to receive a surprise gift!

Joy McD said...

Yay! You finished yours before I finished mine! Nice pressies xxx

Terry said...

I love your star blocks! I like how you did each one in a different color! :0)


Now you are really tempting me on these star blocks---but----
Have fun with yours--hey where is the purple one????
Hugs,di and miss gracie

Angie said...

LOVE your star blocks!!! :)

hetty said...

I love your stars! I promised myself I wouldn't start anything new too. But this is so easy to do during a quiet moment every month.