Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finishes and Furry Ones

Since I am always complaining about having to rewash the bowl on my mixer before each use cause dust crawls in--I decided I would get to the mixer cover pattern that I have had for quite awhile. Course I will probably wash it out anyway, but it looks pretty.
It is a shame to tuck it under the cabinet now, but I still do not have room.
I am busy working on a few other things, but the first priority right now is getting the school year over. Hopefully we will be getting all of our end of the year testing done next week and the creativity can begin.
For now, here are some common scenes from the sewing room.

Sadly I can not join them in their napping--too much to do.
Hope everyone is having a great day!!!



I love your mixer cover!!! great job--oh and if you don't use your mixer--like someone I know??? you don't have to 'dust' it out!!!!!!
Love those kitty pictures tooo!!!
Hugs, di and her kitty!!!

Joy McD said...

Very cute cover!!! You will have to make space for it on the counter... too pretty to put away. Maybe Brian needs to do some remodeling :)
And love the kitties too!