Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pies, blocks and Angels...

Busy, busy, busy and all of it fun!!!
First I had to do a bit of baking to satisfy the bug.
So I made this:
I also made a cherry/peach pie, but I forgot to take a picture. AND by the time I remembered it had a few pieces missing.
This one is on the way to gone now too.
Then it was on to the air show at the Oceana Naval Air Base.
We had a great time--I can be such a boy at times.
Here is my boy showing his respect:
I think the Blue Angels are amazing. I could watch them for hours.
I have no desire to be up there doing however many G's they pull, but I love watching.
18 inches apart!!!!!! 
Yep, half of them are upside down and still way too close together!!!
Back on the home front, I have gotten some more blocks finished.
Three to be exact, with one more in the works.
and three.
The colors seem a little strange--bad light I guess.
I also got my table runner basted, so fingers crossed that it will get quilted very soon!!!
I want to get on to some of the Christmas presents that I need to make.
It is coming too soon!!!!!
I need to enjoy the fall first.
Hope everyone is having a great week--getting lots done!!


Joy McD said...

What happened to the purple?! Aw, I like the new look :) And those planes... scary!!!!
Love the blocks, what can I say... I will have to make one like that too one day... one day... one day.... :)

andsewon said...

That is one pretty pie! Pecan is my son's fav. Great shots of the angels. It is awesome how they can do that and a bit scary.Cute pic of G. Now I love those blocks!!!
You go gal!!!


awesome pie--awesome pictures of the planes and some awesome blocks and add to all that an awesome new background--and it equals an awesome post!!!!!
Hugs, Di

Stitched With Prayer said...

OH my...here my hubby and I are on heart healthy foods and I'm staring at the pie, needing a napkin to keep the drool off the keyboard, LOL. I have seen the Blue Angels, they are just amazing! Your blocks are beautiful. I need to do some like that. Just like Joy McD I keep saying one day...one day...LOL.

an encourager said...

Hi. The Blue Angels are amazing - so is your piecework! Thanks for visiting my blog today. :)

Sara said...

OOH that pie looks yummy--Thanks for stopping by my blog and I love how your blocks turned out so perfect!